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Andrea Bressan

was born in 1980 in Asolo, in the province of Treviso. After obtaining a scientific high school diploma at the “Primo Levi High School of Montebelluna” he enrolled at the “University Institute of Architecture Venice” (IUAV), where he graduated with honors in September 2005 presenting a thesis with the architect and urban planner Giorgio Lombardi as speaker.


Emanuele Bressan

was born in 1985 in Asolo, in the province of Treviso. He obtained his scientific high school diploma at the “Liceo Primo Levi di Montebelluna” and continued his studies at the “IUAV University of Venice”, where he graduated with honors in September 2007 in Architecture Sciences. In 2008 he won a scholarship thanks to the “Swiss European Mobility Programme” and moved to Ticino to attend the “Mendrisio Academy of Architecture” (AAM, University of Italian Switzerland) where he was able to deal with the teaching of master international artists such as Peter Zumthor, Mario Botta, Aurelio Galfetti, Antonio Citterio, the brothers Aires Mateus and Valerio Olgiati.

Eliza Calabretto

was born in 1979 in Valdobbiadene, in the province of Treviso. She graduated as a surveyor at the ITCGL Einaudi Technical Institute in Montebelluna in 1998. After high school, she carried out her apprenticeship at the civil engineering office of Eng. Luca Cavasin in Crocetta del Montello. She obtained the state exam in 2001. Subsequently, she collaborated in the engineering office of Eng. Luciano Drusian of Valdobbiadene. Since 2005 she has collaborated with Studio Bressan.

With the continuous experience acquired over the years in professional firms, she is now an expert in the management and presentation of cadastral practices, successions, management of building practices, relations with institutions, and autonomous administration of the firm.

Since 2001 she has been enrolled in the Board of Surveyors of the Province of Treviso at number 2947.

Practice Ideology

Studio Bressan, based in Montebelluna in the province of Treviso, has been actively operating for over thirty years. It is now in its second generation and managed by architects Andrea and Emanuele Bressan.

Characteristics that distinguish the studio’s modus operandi are the attention to the context, the enhancement of the structural aspects of the building, the correct combination of materials, the sustainable approach to the project, both from an environmental and an economic point of view, the constant dialogue and profitable with the customer, energy saving, cost and time control of the intervention, study and attention to detail in the design. The goal is to combine innovation and research with professional skills, capable of responding to the complexity of customer requests at various scales of intervention, making use of thirty years of experience, and turning, when necessary, into a consolidated network of consultants and specialists.

The studio has designed and built residential projects, offices and commercial buildings, public spaces, industrial areas, accommodations and multi-purpose facilities. It also deals with the renovation of historic buildings, extensions, and building conversion. They have participated in numerous national and international competitions and are active in the field of interior design and urban furniture and have obtained important publications and awards at national and international levels. Over the years they have implemented the design, management, and control skills of the building product as a collaborative team on major works.

Each new project is considered a unique challenge that must find its character through an intense discussion with the client and a profound perception of the spaces.

The design process takes shape from the direct discussion with the client through elaborations and re-elaborations of the initial idea, giving life to the definitive construction and, project after project, to continuous research: incessant experimentation that assumes full responsibility for the metamorphosis of the matter.

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