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Adi Klein (Dolo)

Adi Klein (Dolo), the owner and director of the studio, has many years of experience in interior design. Adi graduated with high honors from the  rmcad High School of Design in Denver, Colorado, studying interior design, and from there continued to specialize in leading architectural firms  – Brad Adams Walker  in Denver, USA,  and Auerbach Halevi Architects in Israel. Her studio’s works have been published in a variety of design magazines and books in Israel and around the world.


Practice Ideology

Adi Klein founded Studio-dulu in January 2011, after the family moved from the center to Kibbutz Sherid. My private home project (and the studio above), caught journalistic attention and was published in articles and a book in Israel.

I did my first years as a designer in the USA (after graduating with a bachelor’s degree with high honors in interior architecture, at rmcad in Denver, Colorado) and upon returning to Israel I worked for a period of about 5 years at Auerbach Halevi Architects, one of the leading firms in the industry, where I had a management school ( I was privileged to lead it as a manager) and design (I led fascinating projects).

With the move to the north, I realized that the trips to the center would not be able to continue and I was looking for a new house at this level in the north. After researching, I realized that in the north there are many designers who work independently, their architectural offices do not have interior departments like the one where I grew up in Auerbach, which was engaged in the interior design of offices (and hence their practice in architecture was uprooted), and without a choice (that’s how it really felt!) I realized that I needed to establish such an office, in order May I have the Orbach HaLevi experience in the north.

The studio that celebrated its 10th anniversary about a year ago sits above my private house and has a beautiful balcony overlooking the fields of the Jezreel Valley. When I couldn’t find a name for the studio, one day my husband’s rival said to me: “You hear me – I opened a domain for the website for you, renew yourself, your name is Studio Dolo” (Dolo is my nickname from home, but it has long since become the name of a creative team, under our brand: Studio Dolo And only a few of the customers/suppliers know the story = only those who ask!)

From the first moment, it was clear to me that I would not work alone! , all my professional life until then I worked in teams. And so from this vision was born the studio, which is a team of creators, we are all interior designers, whose very being is research and joint thinking. Every program that comes out of the studio is tested by at least 5 pairs of eyes. Working in a team is very rewarding and therefore very creative and the very act of joining forces brings us to excellence.

We specialize in collaborations with architectural offices that are looking for an interior design department of interior experts – who research and breathe details.

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