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Studio Ilk


  • Practice: Studio Ilk
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  • Firm Location: Tasmania
  • Country: Australia
  • Year: 2020

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Kate Symons

Kate is passionate about preserving heritage buildings, particularly the ethos of sustainable principles surrounding the retention of actually built fabric and the embodied energy such buildings contain. She relishes the challenge of complex sites and emphasizes supporting and guiding clients through the design and approval processes holistically and rigorously.

Kate graduated with honours from UTAS in 2003 and spent her formative years working on a range of residential, commercial, healthcare and education projects both in Tasmania and abroad. Several of which were award-winning.

However, the superlative landscape of Tasmania drew Kate back to Hobart permanently. After several years of co-directing MGA.I, in 2020, Kate took the decisive step to launch her own Architectural and Interiors Practice, Studio Ilk.

Kate is keenly interested in improving the path for women in the construction industry and the architectural profession.

Practice Ideology

Studio Ilk takes an inclusive and collaborative approach to design. We listen deeply to produce individual responses to each project, site and client. We are adapting to the intricacies of each new site and seeking to understand the people behind the brief.

We continually evolve the way we work, informed by people, place and the greater societal context in which we practice, always seeking to respect and foster local values and craftsmanship so that the result is functional and enduring solutions that enrich daily life for our clients, whether residential or commercial.

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