Studio Mohenjodaro

Studio Mohenjodaro


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Tarunpreet Singh Bhatia

Early on in his career, Tarun got the opportunity to work with well-known architects, beginning with the renowned “Hundred Hands” in Bangalore, where he helped design and execute high-end residential apartments, penthouses, and large-scale industrial projects under the aegis of Bijoy Ramachandran.

This was subsequently followed up by work experience in New Delhi with the nationally acclaimed French architect Stephane Paumier of “SPA Design Ltd.”. Here he worked at the prestigious Franco-German Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh. These stints helped him gain invaluable experience in the field, thereby enriching his own architectural ideologies and philosophies.

Presently, he helms his own multi-disciplinary design firm by the name of Studio Mohenjodaro, which was established in 2014. The practice deals with a variety of projects, greatly varying in scale and style. Detail in the design of interior spaces is given as much attention as the planning of larger architectural assignments.

Practice Ideology

Having been greatly influenced by the works of Geofferey Bawa and Laurie Baker, equally at play were the philosophy and work ethic of his principal architects during his job stint, which became a source of inspiration when he started his own firm by the name of Studio Mohenjodaro in the year 2014.

The studio’s line of work has evolved, as has its philosophy; several of its projects have flirted with experimentation in a natural material palette. Studio Mohenjodaro consciously leans towards prioritizing comfort and familiarity, so as to ensure that the spatial quality does not isolate the soul but instead nurtures the same, thus providing a sense of belonging and ownership to the occupant.

“The design, more often than not, unravels itself after deliberately ironing out the complex layers of the built form. The corollary is a simple and understated yet comprehensively elegant design fabric that wraps the aesthetic.”

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