T. K. Chu Design

T. K. Chu Design


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T.K. Chu

The Founder and Principle Designer of T.K. CHU DESIGN GROUP and T.K HOME
The Master of Neo Art Deco
A leading figure in the field of design industry in Asia

T.K. Chu is an architect, interior designer and product designer, who graduated from the Department of Architecture in Tamkang University in Taiwan. Prior to the founding of T.K. CHU Design, he worked for Ms. Xiu Ze-Lan as an architect, during which he was involved in the design of Yangmingshan’s Chung-Shan Building project and many other famous architectural projects. In 1985, he established T.K. CHU Design and shifted from architecture to interior design. Mr. Chu has been engaged in the design industry for more than 40 years and founded his personal studio for 35 years. With the profound aesthetics and spatial thinking, he came up with the “Neo Art Deco”, a style innovation, which combines decorative elements with contemporary design, and keeps updating it to adapt to the rapidly changing aesthetic trends. As an interior architect, he is good at restructuring the circulation of the space, optimizing space function, and perfecting architecture with interior design methods. He brings art pieces to space and shapes arty forms in space. As the founder of T.K. Chu Design and T.K HOME, an original furniture brand, Mr. Chu has always stayed in the cutting edge of new design ideas and created many well-known projects, which have influenced generations of designers and gained extensive attention from the international media. That includes Forbes France, domus China, Bloomberg Asia, design anthology, Taiwan Architecture, Interni China, etc. In addition, he has won a number of grand awards such as the “Andrew Martin International Interior Design Award” for twice as a world-renowned designer; the “2015 Chinese Most Influential Designer of Forbes Asia”, the “Chinese Best Interior Design Award of Bloomberg in Asia-Pacific region”; the “Architecture Master Prize”, and the “2018 Annual Chinese Design Celebrity”. Besides, He has served as a lecturer in Art Furnishings and Art Engineering Management at the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, Beijing and a lecturer in Interior Design at Chinese Cultural University, Taiwan as well. His publications include T.K. Chu’s Neo Art Deco, Liaoning Science and Technology Publishing House, 2009; T.K. CHU Trend, Taiwan Architecture, 2012; Neo Art Deco +, Liaoning Science and Technology Publishing House, 2015.

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