Takashi Niwa Architects

Takashi Niwa Architects


  • Practice: Takashi Niwa Architects
  • Website: takashiniwa.com/
  • Firm Location: Hanoi
  • Country: Viet Nam
  • Year: 2018

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Takashi Niwa

Born in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan in 1979 a nd completed graduate school at Tokyo Metropolitan University in 2003 (Seiichi Fukao Laboratory). Since 2005, he has been working on architecture projects and industrial design in Japan and Malaysia at Noriaki Okabe Architecture Network. In 2010, he joined Vo Trong Nghia Architects ( VTN Architects) in Vietnam as a partner, the representive in the Hanoi office, and participated mainly in projects in northern Vietnam, China and Europe. In 2018, Takashi Niwa Architects ( Niwa Architects Co., Ltd) – NIWAA was established in Hanoi. Currently, he is working on projects in Vietnam and Asian countries. In 2020, he won the highest award in Competition of Saigon River Pedestrian Bridge Competition. Since 2018, he has been a visiting researcher at Vietnam Japan University (Hanoi).

Practice Ideology

Our main work, architectural design is not only making a form of building but more meaningful than that. The motto “Visualize the Values” can clearly be expressed as our goal by our working style, our relationship and achievement with clients and by our values contributing to society. Research and study are the first design process we need to start to determine which values we can get in terms of projects, site or function and clients. All of the research will be visualized as much as possible to present and communicate to clients. The values in project can be found in any aspects, but need to be revealed in design concept to perform before – after condition of project which visualizes such core values of project. All of studies are generated based on experience and research will be visualized and recorded in the design library. Develop our values by activities – Different to make difference. With motto “Visualize the values”, our project is further than a single project; it is as a prototype and will be spread out, be multiple thanks to their values to society in each project to inspire everyone with more ideas for livable cities. So, “what values shall we visualize today?” is our daily goal to perform and train ourselves to be more and more unique, professional and effective to community.

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