TAKiBI Archi

TAKiBI Archi


  • Practice: TAKiBI Archi
  • Website: takibi-archi.com/
  • Firm Location: Kanagawa, Tokyo
  • Country: Japan
  • Year: 2017

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Akihiko Tochinai

Akihiko Tochinai Born in Kanagawa Prefecture. He graduated from Shibaura Institute of Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Graduate School of Science and Engineering and Department of Construction Engineering. He worked as an architect at Kazuhiko Namba Co., Ltd. + KAIKOSHA. In 2017, he founded the First-class architect office TAKiBI. While continuing his architectural practice he is also a part-time lecturer at Tokyo City University. Apart from that he also published a book as a co-author titled “Architect’s Reading School” (Misuzu Shobo, 2015).



Kiyo Sato

Kiyo Sato Born in Fukuoka Prefecture. She is graduated from the Department of Environmental Design, Faculty of Design, Kyushu Institute of Design (now Kyushu University) and completed her post-graduation at Kyushu University Graduate School of Design. She worked as a junior architect at Shotenkenchikusha Co., Ltd. She is also a freelance editorial writer. In 2017, he founded the First-class architect office TAKiBI.




Practice Ideology

A long time ago, bonfires were an essential part of people’s lives. It is useful as a prototype of energy for cooking and warming a place, and at the same time, a community is born when people surround the fire. In addition, the act of assembling tree branches and lighting a fire is packed with wisdom and ingenuity, and you will realize that the process itself is a creative act. With the evolution of technology, the “bonfire” eventually changed its form to a facility called “furnace” and came to be one of the basic elements of architecture. Like such a “bonfire”, we try to connect nature, energy, technology, function and design, and we would like to propose manufacturing that creates irreplaceable value from branches.

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