The Deduction

The Deduction


  • Practice: The Deduction
  • Firm Location: Nanjing
  • Country: China
  • Year: NA

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Wang Fan





Practice Ideology

Founded by Wang Fan and based in Nanjing, The Deduction is dedicated to delivering residence, commercial space and furnishing design solutions. We specialize in offering overall design solutions for each project, to optimize services for each client. 

Focusing on clients’ experience and feedback, The Deduction advocates the philosophy of “Design homes representing the occupants’ personality”. We don’t confine design to a certain style but work to break the boundary and approach each project based on demands analysis and close collaboration. We strive to deliver refined space, material, furniture and decoration solutions, and to provide clients with quality, personalized, and customized services.

The Deduction focuses on creating space, aesthetics, and lifestyle for ideal living, and figuring out solutions to realize the vision of clients who pursue a quality life and ideal living.

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