European Competition - 2023 - Archidiaries

The Design Room

The Design Room


(“Text as submitted by architect”)

U. Vivin Shankar

Vivin Shankar is an architect with post-graduation in Landscape architecture from CEPT university.







Nanda Kishor

Nanda Kishor is an architect with post-graduation in Interior design from CEPT university.  






Sebastian K John

Sebastian K John is the lead architect in The Design Room.





Practice Ideology

As a practice, we firmly believe that nature and natural processes should be acknowledged and integrated with design seamlessly. We understand that vernacular materials, crafts, and construction techniques have evolved with environment, culture and context. Therefore, we prioritize a design process that is not only moulded by cautious analysis but also through informal inputs from the local craftsmen and artisans. A good design, in our thinking, is one that is socially relevant, environmentally conscious, emotionally resonant, and aesthetically pleasing. For our dream project, we would like to inculcate design elements from a climate-responsive perspective and amalgamate quintessential regional techniques and local craftsmanship.

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