The Design Room

The Design Room


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U. Vivin Shankar

Vivin Shankar is an architect with post graduation in Landscape architecture. He is passionate about sustainable design practices which are rooted to the context.






Nanda Kishor

Nanda Kishor is an architect with post graduation in Interior design. His design philosophy revolves around the belief that interior design should be both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible.






Sebastian K John

Sebastian K John is an architect with an eye for detail. His design process and iterations enriches the quality of the final output.







Practice Ideology

The Design Room is a design practice dedicated to creating architecture that is deeply rooted in the context, environment, vernacular materials, and construction techniques. With a passion for sustainable and culturally responsive design, our studio strives to create spaces that harmonize with their surroundings, celebrate local traditions, and contribute positively to the built environment.

We prioritize on striking a balance between our creative freedom and the clients aspirations. Although people are at the heart of our designs, we aspire to be cautious with the use of natural resources . We strive to create spaces that enhance the well-being and quality of life of the occupants. Through careful attention to spatial planning, natural light, ventilation, and user comfort, we prioritize the needs and aspirations of the end-users.

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