Studio VDGA

Studio VDGA


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Ar.Deepak Guggari

Architect Deepak Guggari, believes in minimalism and subtlety.  His designs imbibe a synergy of traditional and modern elements. With projects based in India and abroad, the works display a variety of expressions, ranging from the quintessential interiors to hardcore architecture exploring & respecting local context and newer materials. The studio has won awards of both national and international repute such as Dezeen London, Archdaily, NDTV, A+D spectrum, Trends to name the few & the studio works are being published widely across various forums



Practice Ideology

Established in the year 2003 in the city of Pune, VDGA works as a studio, deriving architectural solutions through study, analysis and exploration of visual, spatial, formal, social and technological ideas. Founder & Principal Architect Deepak Guggari has won the 60 National & International Awards of High repute. Studio VDGA goal lies in creating ‘timeless meaningful spaces’ which induce harmony, happiness & peace in the lives of the users. We endeavor to create more than just architecture, a lifestyle for the occupants. Simple intelligent ideas such as optimum use of natural light, ventilation & locally available natural building materials and techniques have been our continuous effort.

Studio believe in creating architecture, which primarily responds to its users and context more than defining a signature style for us. We also believe that the beauty lies in detailing and it is our constant effort to work till the minute details, understanding the needs of the user. Studio VDGA designs imbibe a synergy of the traditional and the modern elements. There designs are contemporary yet deeply rooted to the place and its context. The Studio has a range of ongoing projects, which includes hospitality (hotels & resorts), institutional, residential, corporate & neighborhood development projects in India, U.A.E & Vietnam. Works of the studio have been widely published, awarded and recognised in the best architectural, hospitality and travel forums worldwide. Awards of high repute such as JK Cement Architect of the Year Awards, ArchDaily Building of Year, Dezeen London, IIID Awards, NDTV Awards, CNBC Awards and A+D Awards have further acknowledged studio’s efforts.

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