Vector Plinth

Vector Plinth


  • Practice: Vector Plinth
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Chattogram
  • Country: Bangladesh
  • Year: 2017

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Muhammed Jabed Iqbal Rupam








Mohammad Faisal Sabri








Practice Ideology

Vector Plinth was established and registered as a partnership company to provide architectural services in 2017. Their journey started with the goal of creating a mark in the industry by providing sophisticated and quality services throughout the whole country. They aspire to be one of the renowned leaders in architectural consultancy services by the quality of work they offer. Creativity, uprightness, and innovation are according to them the three key ingredients that lead to a healthy practice in this field. To ensure that they stick to their goals, they engage in rigorous training and practice fine-tuning of their skills on a regular basis.

The company is composed of a skilled and hardworking team of architects and engineers. They are further complemented by experts from other important fields like project management, financial analysis, electro-mechanical design, and construction. They are now an inspired team, driven by passion to take care of any project at any given state. But to maintain the quality and assure that the projects meet the latest codes of practices they assign themselves with very limited projects per year. At Vector plinth, projects start from feasible perspectives and ultimately reach a unique blend of art and technology.

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