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  • Practice: Walker Warner Architects
  • Website: walkerwarner.com/
  • Firm Location: San Francisco
  • Country: USA
  • Year: 1989

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Greg Warner

“I like to think of our buildings a lot like I do my favorite Patagonia jacket—thoughtfully designed with a purpose, well detailed, and crafted using appropriately chosen materials. Ideally, our projects are not trendy, always original, timeless, and feel just right when you’re in one.”

Greg’s interest in contextually appropriate design was greatly informed while growing up in the Hawaiian Islands where climate and environment have a great impact on design. He further developed his expertise in contextual design while attending the University of Oregon, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture in 1983. Early in his career, Greg worked for several Bay Area firms gaining experience in both residential and commercial design before co-founding Walker Warner Architects in 1989 with Brooks Walker.

Mike McCabe

“I like to think of the work we do as a narrative. In particular, I see the places we design as the story of a shared vision that we develop with our clients. The buildings that result from this process reflect who our clients are and tell a story of a place and a harmonious way of living in that place.”

Mike is originally from Florida and graduated from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville in 1995 with a Bachelor of Architecture, joining Walker Warner Architects in 1997. Mike has lived on the East and West Coasts of the United States, as well as in Poland, Germany and India. His time spent living overseas, as well as his travels within the U.S. have reinforced a deep appreciation for contextually appropriate design. For each project, Mike draws inspiration from the local cultural and physical context with a goal of combining the best principals of regional vernacular structures with a modernist point of view, resulting in timeless architecture that reflects the client’s vision.

As a Principal, Mike leads the design of multiple projects while also collaborating on the design and management of select projects with Brooks and Greg. In the past, he has managed some of the firm’s complex site projects including the House of Flowers, Quintessa Pavilions, Oak Woodland Residence, Sonoma Ranch, and Foothills Modern Residence.

Mike leads an active lifestyle that includes rock climbing and bicycle racing. When time allows, he can also be found working in his wood shop or remodeling his 1920s house. Mike lives in Burlingame, California with his wife and two daughters.

Brooks Walker

“Our goal is to create well-designed architecture that withstands the test of time. A building should feel right today, as well as 50 years from now.”

Brooks draws inspiration from many styles and architects, but he is most influenced by William Wurster for the simplicity and precision of his works. He spent many holidays in one of Wurster’s ranch-style homes, which was evocative of those found in a John Steinbeck countryside. During this time, Brooks developed a strong appreciation for architecture that is well integrated into the landscape. He followed his dream and graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from University of Oregon in 1983. Upon graduation, Brooks worked with his uncle Sandy Walker for five years where he enhanced his landscape and architecture skills. Brooks also spent several years as a sole practitioner, expanding his architectural experience to include construction and real estate development, before opening Walker Warner Architects with Greg Warner in 1989.

Brooks is very involved in community service and currently serves on the boards and/or committees of the Wild Salmon Center, Hamlin School, Shasta Forest Timberlands LLC, Sugar Bowl Ski Corporation and Ploughshares Fund Investment Committee. He has previously served on the boards and/or committees of SPUR, Aim High, Walker Art Center and SFMOMA Department of Architecture and Design Accessions Committee. Outside of architecture, Brooks leads an active lifestyle that includes fly-fishing, skiing, hiking, tennis, squash, biking and hunting. He is also a certified private pilot and is passionate about and supportive of the arts. Brooks lives with his wife and three children in San Francisco.

Kathy Scott

“Architecture has the capacity to elevate our daily lives. When we spend time in buildings that are well-suited to their site, their climate, and the activities within, our lives are less encumbered and we are able to enjoy the beauty around us.”

After growing up on Long Island, Kathy was awakened to architecture’s potential during her time at Rice University where she earned a Bachelor of Architecture in 1993. During her years in Houston, Kathy regularly visited Renzo Piano’s Menil Collection, drawn by the building’s quiet contextualism, simplicity and inventive use of natural light. Kathy was equally impressed by Piano’s collaborative approach with master craftsmen and has sought out similar relationships on projects, such as the Wilderness Cabin, Quintessa Residence, and Big Wood River Residence since joining Walker Warner Architects in 1995.

As a Principal, Kathy mentors teams in the use of good processes to achieve the highest quality of work. She ensures that all projects are successful in balancing clients’ goals in terms of budget, schedule and design. She also leads the design process on several projects of her own. Kathy believes that the best work results when designs evolve in a thoroughly considered and deliberate manner.

Kathy’s spent many years supporting education in San Francisco’s public schools and has worked with a variety of students on architecture-related projects. She also spent three years as a board member at Creative Arts Charter School, a public elementary and middle school that focuses on arts-integrated education. Kathy enjoys soccer and hiking in her spare time. She lives with her family and Golden Retriever, Cedar, in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Practice Ideology

Walker Warner is a full-service architectural firm specializing in custom residential and hospitality design. Founded in 1989, the firm is led by partners Brooks Walker, Greg Warner, Kathy Scott, and Mike McCabe. The work of the firm is grounded in our ethos, with a design process shaped by our culture and values.

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