Wenqu Architectural Decoration Design Co., Ltd.

Wenqu Architectural Decoration Design Co., Ltd.


  • Practice: Wenqu Architectural Decoration Design Co., Ltd.
  • Firm Location: Guangdong
  • Country: China
  • Year: 2009

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Lin Liqun

Lin Liqun is the Chief Designer at Wenqu Architectural Decoration Design Co., Ltd. He is the Vice Chairman and Executive Director of the B&B Industry Branch of the Architecture and Culture Society of China. As an architect, he was specially recommended by Beautiful B&B China. He is a special researcher at the Institute of Culture and Tourism and also the founder of the Xiamen Pan Kou B&B Cultural Tourism Complex. He is also the cultural tourism consultant for the Quanzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone.

Lin Liqun, a native of Chaozhou, Guangdong, has dedicated over 20 years to the field of architectural design. He pursued his studies in environmental art at the Academy of Arts & Design in Tsinghua University. He has rich experience in steering the design of many large-scale commercial spaces and engaging in residential community planning. Notable projects include Suo Ju House, Xiangshan Xianhai B&B, LIVE HOME Yacht Cafe, the renovation of Backyard Hotel in Zengcuo’an community, the restoration of a Fujian tulou, the Inner Mongolian Grassland Garden Cultural Tourism Complex, the Hongta Bay Project in Quanzhou, Anno Pasture, Once Bookstore, Block 1905, Xiamen Dongping Hill Project, Environmental Protection Technology Park, etc.

Lin Liqun has also steered the curation and design of exhibitions, including the Contemporary Sculpture Art Exhibition and the Guanzhen Contemporary Lacquer Art Exhibition. In 2022, he collaborated with renowned curator Zeng Hui in planning cultural tourism activities, specifically the “Carnival and Guanyin Mountain Beach Music Festival” held in Xiamen. He has been invited to participate in exhibitions and deliver speeches at diverse events, such as the “Urban Renewal, Rural Revitalization, and B&B Aesthetics” forum at Beijing Design Week.

His exceptional works have won multiple prestigious awards, including Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards, MAISON&OBJET Design Award China, Beijing Design Week Design Award, China International Architectural Art Exhibition Award, Art & Design Power 100, The Golden Bund Award at the Shanghai International Interior Design Festival, and Huading Award at the 16th China International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Fair.

Wenqu derives its name from the combination of two Chinese characters, ‘Wen’ and ‘Qu’. ‘Wen’ means the act of looking up and searching for answers, while ‘Qu’ refers to a channel where water converges. Wenqu’s philosophy revolves around maintaining an open cultural perspective and a desire for exploration. Their way of thinking emphasizes comprehending the core needs of a project from various dimensions. Wenqu’s basic approach is to sort out logical relationships in design with targeted solutions.

Practice Ideology

Since 2009, Wenqu has been practicing its unique open design concept in commercial, office, and residential space projects. While catering to the needs of different types of projects, the company continues to explore the design philosophy of mutual transformation between spiritual essence and physical environment. 

After years of intensive and professional work in the design field, Wenqu has become increasingly aware of the profound impact of local culture on the relationship between people and the environment. As a result, the firm has gradually extended the focus of design to the creation of Eastern cultural ambience in space. Starting from the perspective of respect for and continuation of local culture, the Wenqu team works to explore more possibilities for the integration of traditional culture and current lifestyle.

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