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White Cube Atelier


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Reza Asadzadeh

Reza Asadzadeh is a modern architect who is involved in designing wide range of residential and public buildings. As a 35-year-old architect, he was graduated from Fine Arts University Collage, University of Tehran in 2010.

He was born in Maku – West Azarbayjan province- in 1985 and has tried to affect his home town architecture since he started working as a professional designer. Reza got married to Shabnam Khalilpour in 2010 and they founded White Cube Atelier together.  He has designed more than 60 buildings during his 8-year career. To design and construct about 25 residential projects – including 10 villas, 15 apartments – and 15 commercial and office buildings are some of his activities during his career.

He’s improving his career by accepting the responsibility of project management of a 4-star hotel which has started recently

Shabnam Khalilpour

born in 1985, graduated by a Master’s degree in Technology in Architecture from university of Tehran in 2011, Shabnam started her professional career in 2012 when founded her personal firm -White Cube Atelier- accompanied by her partner – REZA ASADZADEH. As 35- year-old architect, she and her partner decided to focus on their hometown, Maku, and they could design and construct more than 60 buildings in a context which was devoid of any modern contemporary architectural content.

Shabnam and Reza were the winner of young architects of middle east architect awards 2019.

Now she’s involved to design some villas, residential projects and retails as well as working on interior design of a 4-star hotel

Practice Ideology

Getting closer to Maku, West Azarbayjan, where most of our projects are located in, you are faced with a winding road trapped in a narrow valley including a river within and the city view surprisingly appears as you pass a crescent. Bare soaring mountains embrace this historical border city and include one of the most huge and unique roof of climbing crags in Iran. There is a castle close to the wall and the wall is above 100 meters high. Some Buildings have been constructed on the mountain slopes in different historical eras- especially Ghajar period- and it seems that contemporary buildings have grown chaotically since then…

This mysterious city including forgotten values like city view and architectural aesthetics, is a context where we have been designing and constructing more than 50 buildings in the past 8 years. We have been trying to influence the city view with aid of modern architecture concepts and using vernacular materials.

As 34-year-old architects being graduated from university of Tehran, university collage of fine arts, in 2011, We founded our personal firm -White Cube Atelier- then and started working together. We decided to focus on our hometown and we could design and construct some buildings in a context which was devoid of any modern contemporary architectural content. It was so painstaking to teach the regional contractors how to develop every details of the projects, but we believed in the architect’s responsibility for creating high quality spaces for better life, so we dedicated our career to have an influence on this city.
Our architectural practice ranges from one-off villas to residential complexes, from commercial interior design to mall and hotel design. Our studio, which currently numbers at 10 staff members, worked on a number of projects last year including V villa, shortlisted for 2018 MEA residential project of the year, and Parnian House, as the highly commend residential project of 2019 middle east architect award. For 2020, we are looking forward to the developments of a four-star hotel and a shopping mall as well as completing a number of residential projects, office and commercial spaces.
We believe that our completed projects are not only some buildings in a distant border city, but also a focal point to improve public taste and to reform the city view …

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