XPDS Architects

XPDS Architects


  • Practice: XPDS Architects
  • Firm Location: Ahmedabad
  • Country: India
  • Year: 2011

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Lead Architects

The founding partners of XPDS recieved their architectural education at CEPT university, Ahmedabad, between 1995 & 2002.  At CEPT they were actively involved with the vibrant SA theatre group and the SA film club. They were part of ‘Studio11 Architects Collaborative’ – a unique partnership firm which they set up in 2006 along with five other batch-mates, before founding XPDS.

XPDS ArchitectsDarshan Saraiya started working independently as early as 2003. He is an afficonado of global cinema and did his professional training with Bijoy Jain in Alibaug.






XPDS ArchitectsPuneet Mehrotra teaches at CEPT University and is also keenly interested in Photography. He has trained at Earth Unit under architect Satprem in Auroville and worked as Project Assistant to Architect Girish Karnawat, GDK Designs Collaborative, Mumbai.





Practice Ideology – XPDS Architects

XPDS Architects over the years have sought and encouraged collaborative approaches, that are both exploratory as well as critical, with the belief that this enriches design processess. At XPDS emphasis is given to ideas and solutions derived from an understanding of the specific conditions and context of a project on one hand, and the changing dynamics of the building industry on the other. Careful attention is paid to every aspect of design and detailing, during all stages, irrespective of the size and scale of projects. The attempt is always to evolve a meaningful, engaging and appropriate way of imagining and constructing built environments.


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