Zarine Jamshedji Architects

Zarine Jamshedji Architects


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Practice Ideology

Zarine Jamshedji Architects is a design and architecture firm. They are extremely passionate about their work, which includes designing schools, malls, hotels, hospitals, warehouses, houses, apartments, interiors for retail, offices, gyms, and residences in various locations. They are reputed for their creativity, adaptability, and speed. 

ZJA offers design consultancy services in architectural design for educational facilities, hospitals, commercial buildings and multiplexes (theatres), industrial architecture, hotels and resorts, and residences. They also provide services in retail and product design and branding for retail stores, furniture design, packaging design, and murals and sculpture. Their work in interior design varies in a range of areas, including domestic interiors, hospitality interiors (hotels and hospitals), retail interiors, and medical clinics.

The work they do as designers is varied. Even though the practice is titled as an architectural practice, its boundaries go beyond that. They look at any design solution in the same way as they deal with architecture. They enjoy the creativity offered by the smallest of design projects and the discipline the larger ones bring on a very different scale.

They have worked with painting, large-scale commercial sculpture, automotive design, furniture design, packaging, product branding, and landscape design, along with their list of architecture and interior projects. They work back and forth constantly between the aesthetic and the technical aspects, equally inspired by both. The end-to-end support that they give throughout the project to their clients, engineers, consultants, and contractors has earned them a stellar reputation that results in their coming back to ZJA repeatedly.

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