Water Conservation Techniques in Traditional Human Settlements

Water Conservation Techniques in Traditional Human Settlements


  • Title: Water Conservation Techniques in Traditional Human Settlements
  • Author: Pietro Laureano
  • Publisher: Copal Publishing Group
  • Publication Year: 2013
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-81-92473-38-6

About the Book

“Water Conservation Techniques in Traditional Settlements” highlights the value of traditional knowledge of pre-industrial societies in the area of natural resources management. An emphasis is placed on the history of water management traditional techniques and local knowledge considered as part of cultural history.

The author reviews the evolution of these practices since the Palaeolithic era by examining various societies that developed ingenious water techniques in different parts of the world. Special attention is given to the creation of water and the management practices developed in the arid areas and notably to the Oases model described as a sustainable development alternative to the hydraulic civilizations model based on abusive exploitation of water resources.

The study of traditional knowledge is described as a contribution to developing a new water management paradigm more in line with the sustainable development approach and integration of technical, ethical, and aesthetical aspects. Several examples of innovative use of ancient water management practices for agricultural, architectural, and urban development purposes are described.

The book with numerous photos, drawings, and sketches is a useful guide for designing sustainable solutions to combat desertification and to protect the landscape and the ecosystems.

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About the Author

Pietro Laureano, an architect, and urban planner is a UNESCO consultant for arid regions, water management, Islamic civilizations, and endangered ecosystems.

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