CLT Induction in India | WORKSHOP C – Understanding CLT Design and Engineering in India Context



CLT Induction in India has organized three workshops together with an exciting architecture competition with awards of upto Rs. 12,00,000.

The workshop explores possibilities of using CLT as a primary construction material for low-rise housing and mid to high-rise buildings in India.

Dates: 27th February 2021, Saturday
Time: 11:00 AM – 01:00 PM (IST)
Registration: Free

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Kanchenjunga Apartments and Tube House, a few of the many classic architectural landmark designed by Charles Correa have been chosen as case studies for demonstration. The workshop will focus on re-designing these building to explore innovative building systems using Cross Laminated Timber. Further on a detailed carbon footprint analysis comparing the existing (concrete) and the proposed (CLT) will be discussed.



GURDEV SINGH, Aakar Design Consultants.

Prof Gurdev Singh is a graduate from CEPT University, Ahmedabad. He is not only an Architect but also a Designer, Teacher and a Builder (Someone who builds with his hands), with 45 years of professional and teaching experience in different institutions in India and Australia. He has received ‘A LifeTime Achievement Award’ in Teaching, by Australian Institute of Architects ACT Chapter, in special recognition of contribution to Architecture education. He also held the position of the Dean of School of environmental Design and Architecture NUV (2011 – 2018). Currently he is Interested in exploring new lightweight materials and technologies.


MANJUNATH BL , Manjunath & Co. Structural Consultants.

Manjunath BL is an engineer based out of Bangalore. He heads his own practice in the city since 1994, having built up a portfolio of works and sketches that encompasses some of the most exciting buildings being built today where he is seen (primarily) as a conceptual co-author as much as a consultant/collaborator. In his own words, the work of his practice stems from a “Vision for the role of engineering in design and of design in engineering shaped by humanism, rather than simply technical principles.” In this talk, he will focus on the trajectory of his practice and working methods as well as his evolving stance as a structural Engineer involved in the complex and multi-layered task of a building.



Rushita Vora is an architect, currently living in Los Angeles, USA. She will graduate with a Masters in Building Science in May 2021. She is currently completing her thesis, where she’s evaluating the embodied carbon footprint for different timber structural systems. She has worked in the BIM industry in the USA and as an architect in India.




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The workshop is dedicated to late architect Charles Correa. 


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