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Architecture Firm Name: Andyrahman Architect


Firm Location: East Java, Indonesia

Founding Year: 2006

Design Team: Imam Prasetyo, Muchammad Ubay, Reni Dwi Rahayu, Sulfa Heksania, Haidar Rifki, Marta Asnawi, Fitha Aulia Maghfira Asri M., Anwar Effendi, Bisma Samara, Yusup Cahya, Ilham Rohim

Collaborators: Imam Hasan F.

Others: Rokhayati, Anang Yulianto

(Text as submitted by the Architect)

The architecture of Andyrahman Architect always gives 2 messages. First message is the spirit to restore the archipelago’s carpentry architecture, and the second is the spirit to update the archipelago architecture. The two spirit aims to restore the identity of Archipelago Architecture, Contextual architecture that is in accordance with the culture and values of the archipelago.

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