Announcing Shades of Green 2.0, Live Interview Series


Posted on: April 1st, 2021

Announcing Shades of Green 2.0, Live Interview Series

Shades of Green 1.0 was a successful series of live interviews that focused on various aspects of Sustainability in the building processes. Last year we had some incredible guest and panelist that helped us generate much needed conversation around about the variety of approaches, to look at how they can feed into each other and enhance the idea of “sustainable design”.

This year we are excited to announce Shades of Green 2.0 , a second round of the series that will bring you nine more interviews with architects and designers around the world in the month of May and June. This year we have three exciting conversation lined up with Dharmesh Jadega, Prinipal at DuStudio, Sanjay Prakash, Principal at SHiFT Studio and Ashok B Lall, Principal at Ashok B Lall Architects.

Know more about Shades of Green 2.0 Series and its upcoming speakers Here.

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