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Project Name: Bridge view

Practice: Kendle Design Collaborative

Products: Hansgrohe, Wolf/Subzero, Arcadia Custom, Trendstone

Firm Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Completion year: 2019

Gross Built up Area: 650 sqm

Project Location: Paradise Valley, Arizona

Lead Architects: Brent Kendle

Landscape Consultants: GBtwo Landscape Architecture, Inc

Interior + Furniture: Elizabeth Rosensteel

Photo Credits: Kevin Brost

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Project Description

(“Text as submitted by architect”)

This site posed unique features and challenges including a natural desert wash with an abrupt edge and a significant drop in elevation, a corner lot condition that imposed larger setbacks as well as Hillside Zoning that imposes greater building envelope restrictions. The owner’s goal was to design a family home with mountain and valley views similar to that of a hillside location, but on a lot with minimal elevation. Our response organizes the home in two levels with the main living spaces and master suite located on the second level affording spectacular mountain, valley, and city views while bridging across a lower level composed of children’s and guest suites along with indoor and outdoor activity areas.

Part foyer, part gallery, the split-level entry hall acts as a social and spatial connector between formal and informal living spaces while reducing the perceived separation between levels. Millwork at the kitchen, as throughout the home, is an extension of the architecture and conceived as sculptural form as well as functional storage. In contrast to the cool gray material palette of burnished block and steel, book-matched walnut veneer is used adding drama and warmth. The scale is modulated between cozy and dramatic via the inclusion of floating ceiling clouds and light coves that define the spaces below.


A back-kitchen provides ample room for preparation before and clean-up after dinners freeing up the front kitchen to remain an attractive social hub. Main living and master suite functions are located on the second level to take in surrounding views not afforded in single level design. The master suite is designed to take in the valley views. A steel and stone fireplace conceals a TV on the inside while providing warmth to the outside sitting area.

The desert wash, viewed by many as an obstacle to be avoided, is instead celebrated as a focal feature, providing a glimpse into the surrounding indigenous plant and wildlife while preserving an unobstructed view corridor towards the valley below. Casual entertainment and family areas, located on the ground level, focus on private outdoor areas along the desert wash.


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