Day 5 | Learning more about Grasshopper, Task 4 & 5


Posted on: July 7th, 2020

Day 5 | Learning more about Grasshopper, Task 4 & 5

Date: 19.06.2020

Software used: Rhinoceros 6, Grasshopper


Task 4

Tools Used: Rectangle, Voronoi 2d, Tree Statistics, Area, Replace Paths, Python, Explode Tree, Curve.

This exercise was to understand the basics of data tree and sort geometry based on its size. In this script voronoi 2d was created and based on the area of its individual geometry it was sorted.

Voronoi 2d in rectangular geometry.


All the units of similar area are sorted.


Task 5

Tools Used: Surface, Curve, Loft, Voronoi2D, Extrude, Move, Remap numbers, Move, Bounding box, Patch, SurfaceMorph.

The exercise was to morph a geometry on a surface. In this case a voronoi 2d pattern was created in a rectangular geometry and was morphed on a surface created in rhino and assigned to grasshopper.

Surface assigned to grasshopper.


Voronoi 2d created in rectangular geometry


Final outcome. Voronoi 2d morphed according to the assigned surface.



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