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Project Name: Hari Orgochem Pvt. Limited

Practice: Design Nest

Products: Rhino, Photoshop, Alios Composite, Sona Tiles

Firm Location: Sevasi, Vadodara

Completion year: 2021

Gross Built up Area: 5254 sqft

Project Location: Nandesari, Vadodara, Gujarat

Lead Architects: Ar. Krishna Shah

Design Team: Ar. Krishna Shah, Ar. Komal Patil, Ar. Shrey Nimbark, Harshita Dixit

Clients: Mr. Nilay Shah, Director, Hopl Industries

Structural Consultants: Mr. Arvind Chirmade

Contractors: Mr. Devendra Dudgal, Mr. Anil Budgujar

Interior + Furniture: Design Nest Studio

Others: Carpenter : Mr. Ramesh R. Mistry Plumber: Mr. Prabhatbhai Fabricator: Mr. Shyamsundar Electrician : Mr. Rajesh Giri FRP supplier: Mr. Mukeshbhai (Alois Composite)

Photo Credits: Harshita Dixit, Shrey Nimbark

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Excerpt: Hari Orgochem Pvt. Limited is an architectural project designed by Design Nest in Gujarat. This project was a rigorous attempt to achieve well lighted robust spaces keeping in mind the weather, site conditions, industrial setup and human behavioral patterns for the design.

Project Description

(“Text as submitted by architect”)

Hari Orgo Chem Pvt. Ltd is a chemical factory situated at GIDC, Nandesari. The brief of the design was to refurbish existing warehouse and security area into a corporate office block including a reception, security desk, dining mess, office workspace, office cabins and a conference room. The existing building was a brick structure with metal pitched roof.

The design started with understanding existing structure, to analyze what part to be retained and which space could be completely new. It started with simple sectional understanding of structure by overlaying the new changes in the structure. Firstly a load bearing metal structure was inserted on an existing load bearing structure. On one side the brick envelope closes its face to the warehouse and then on the other side louvers filter out light to the main road connecting it to the outside.

The sloping roof covered the entire built and is brought down to a human scale towards the road. The built enclosed multiple private spaces, a huge double height space, a courtyard that created a buffer space to the busy roadside. The building was designed in such a way that the ground floor became public  and the first floor became private. The building acted as a connection between the two parts of chemical plant, store and analytical laboratory which allowed a free movement for the workers to utilize services spaces like washrooms, chowkdi, drinking water stations and first aid room along with a courtyard as a pause point for them.

Main Entrance
Fabrication of screen
Staircase screen

The roof has been lifted up from the blank wall on first floor for light and ventilation of the office cabinets. Use of primary colours like red and yellow enlightens the interior of the whole space. A mural composed of chemical formula was painted as a memory of the product the factory produces. The furniture includes a waffle wall with cabinets usable from various sides and heights.

Climatically the building faces west and hence louvered screening system was introduced as an envelope for the building. Another issue was to tackle the effect of heavy corrosion due to the chemicals produced withing the factory environs. This led us to experiment with a non corrosive material called FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) as louvers, a simple mechanism to hold them was evolved. This project was a rigorous attempt to achieve well lighted robust spaces keeping in mind the weather, site conditions, industrial setup and human behavioral patterns for the design.

corridor view



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