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Project Name: Nha Tan House

Practice: Landmak Architecture

Firm Location: Vietnam

Completion year: 2018

Project Location: Hanoi- Vietnam

Lead Architects: Ta Tien Vinh, Truong Tuan Chung

Design Team: Le Minh Hoang, Truong Ngoc, Lai Hung Quyet, Nguyen Khac Tue, Trinh Trong Quyen, Nguyen Hoa, Ngo Ngan Ha, Ngo Hung, Nguyen Thi Thao, Vu Thi Thuy Ngan, Trinh Minh Thang, Dang Ngoc Phu

Photo Credits: Trieu Chien

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Project Description

(Text as submitted by the Architect)

NHÀ TẰM is one of the residential house projects being redesigned for improvements by Landmak Architecture company. The house is located in the high class Ciputra Hanoi urban area, with the original premises being constructed in bulk approximately 15 years ago. This house model has become out-of-date and obsolete nowadays, whereas the initial ventilation and lighting did not satisfy the utilizing demands for room functions. The house owners have implemented improvement, modification, renovation, decoration, etc., for many times but the house malfunctions have not been thoroughly resolved. Therefore they came to us in 2016 with the determination to bring a “makeover” to the house.

The functions are extremely important and must be well dealth with, while factors such as Nature, Greeneries, Ventilation, Lighting must be prioritized during design researching. With that actual state, we decided to intervene in the house structure. A lot of partition walls were destroyed, pillars and beams were cut and reinforced at critical positions in order to generate continuities, connectivities for various functions of the house. A part of the original garage roof was taken away so as to create a vertical garden along the wall and a dry garden atop the floor surface. This solution helps us readjust the traffic approaching the house’s main hall, cut some more roof for the stair lighting, heighten the back roof so as to make activity rooms (worship room, laundry room, children recreation room) as much convenient and exciting as possible.

After nearly 2 years of construction, the house has finally been finished, satisfying initial expectations. Even the factors of greeneries, ventilation, lighting, water surface have managed to bring forth surprising vibes. Greeneries have become available everywhere; natural light, wind, and rain may go inside the house. Borders between Outdoor-Indoor, Above-Below have almost been cleaned out, etc. Wooden raw materials and fine details of Wood and Steel have been cut using the CNC techology so as to bring about special impressions on particular positions, thus, the house space has become very modern and comfortable while preserving the traditional essence of Vietnamese culture.


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