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Accent Design Group


  • Practice: Accent Design Group
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  • Firm Location: Dubai and Beirut
  • Country: United Arab Emirates, Lebanon
  • Year: 2007

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Elie Abs

In 1997, Elie Abs graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from the Lebanese American University. By 2000, Abs obtained a post professional master’s degree in architecture and urbanism from the Architectural Association in London (AA) and joined the international firm of KPF in London. 

In 2007, Abs co-founded “Accent Design Group”, a specialized architecture and interior design firm in Beirut as the Managing Partner and Principal Architect. By 2021, Abs expanded into the UAE, landing Accent DG a second branch in Dubai. The firm protracted its services into markets in the gulf (KSA), Europe (Spain), and other parts of Asia (Jordan, Lebanon and Thailand). 

Notable mentions of award-winning projects published and exhibited internationally include: Winner of the “Architecture – Residential” category of the Identity Design Awards (2022), shortlisted for the CID Awards (2022), shortlisted for the “Arab Architect Awards” (2022), winner of “WAN Awards” — residential category (2011), first prize for “Allee Des Arts” mixed-use project (2013), three nominations for the Aga Khan Award (2017 & 2018). 

In parallel to his practice, Abs joined LAU School of Architecture & Design as Adjunct Faculty between the years of 2014 and 2021 where he taught the final year project.

Practice Ideology

Accent Design Group, established in 2007, is a specialized architecture and interior design firm based in Dubai (UAE) and Beirut (Lebanon) with a portfolio that consists of progressive architectural projects in the MENA region, including the KSA, Lebanon, Qatar, Jordan, and the UAE. 

Accent DG’s architectural outcomes are based on a high level of specificity that is a result of understanding the conditions of a particular site or situation. Research and experimentation form the core of Accent DG’s design methodology, resulting in unconventional building typologies. Cultural, behavioral, as well as environmental, and geographical considerations are taken before the team forms any design. To put it simply, we try to create an architectural entity that, if taken from its site and put in another location, would simply not make any sense.

Our team constantly works on offering professional insight to create distinctive high-end projects, set apart from a largely superficial and commercial market at reasonable costs. As such, sustainable yet innovative design approaches merged with proper planning yield in the generation of energy-efficient buildings that are based on a sensitive selection of environmental materials and construction methods.

The utilized design strategies involve creating optimized spatial experiences that are conducive to modern living and complimentary to the lifestyle of their occupants. Accent DG works on maximizing the potentiality of its generated spaces by creating hybrid and flexible living environments. Through sensible spatial encounters, the design team works on developing an emotional connection between the space and its end user.

Accent Design Group stands out as a conceptually solid design firm. Innovation and sustainability are consistently at the forefront of the firm’s design identity. With a keen eye for detail, the firm focuses on bridging the gap between the design and on-site execution phases. Additionally, the firm has displayed a high level of excellence in delivering diverse projects that are not tied to one market or client. Through successful collaborations, Accent DG has been able to generate outcomes that not only comply with the needs of its users but also address global concerns in terms of space efficiency, modern-day living, user preference, and climate-oriented concerns.

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