Alexander Symes Architects

Alexander Symes Architects


  • Practice: Alexander Symes Architects
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: New South Wales
  • Country: Australia
  • Year: 2014

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Alexander Symes

Alexander Symes is a registered architect who combines a scientific approach to sustainability with a practical and poetic understanding of crafting a building.

Practice Ideology

Alexander Symes Architects was founded in 2014 with a mission to advance sustainable architecture. The world’s climate is changing and we believe that architecture must lead the way in changing how we utilise resources to contribute to a sustainable future. This vision for sustainable architecture is layered through all aspects of our practice and through all the stages of a project. This starts with the examination of a project brief to ensure the grounding principles of a project support a sustainable way of life. As the project takes shape, Alex deploys his depth of technical expertise to realise the project to its full potential.

Alex’s technical expertise in building physics and facade system design is built on the experience he gained working in Arup’s Building Physics and Facade Engineer teams from 2010-2014. He has hands-on experience with construction and design for manufacture assembly (DFMA) and a passion for how buildings are out together. Alex has specialist training in the design and delivery of passive houses which we believe offer a pathway towards exceptionally comfortable and healthy homes. Alex loves to collaborate with like-minded individuals and to test the boundaries of how we can challenge the status quo to advance sustainable architecture.

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