Anna Solaz Arquitectes

Anna Solaz Arquitectes


  • Practice: Anna Solaz Arquitectes
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Valencia
  • Country: Spain
  • Year: 2018

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Anna Solaz ArquitectesAnna Solaz

After graduating from UPV University in Valencia (Spain) Anna Solaz has worked coordinating numerous projects, such as high rise residential buildings, public facilities, and landscape design projects in different practices in Copenhagen, Stuttgart and Valencia.

Her professional experience is enhanced by various national and international collaborations and competitions, participating in multidisciplinary teams and working on a wide range of building types.

Practice Ideology – Anna Solaz Arquitectes

Founded in 2018, Anna Solaz Arquitectes initiates her activity offering services within architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture and interior design. The team combines architecture professional profiles and engineers that join their capabilities to offer holistic results.

Focused on the client’s expectations, the practice works from the concept to the smallest detail, working at different scales through a back-and-forth process, where every building component is detailed carefully. Every project, even the smallest renovation works, is considered a valued opportunity to study and learn construction details and finishes from local craftsmanship.

To create a built environment that is appropriate to the particular site, both in a geographical and  cultural context, the use of local building materials, construction techniques and sustainable building practices, are essentials key drivers to anchor the project to its unique conditions.

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