• Practice: anonimous
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Queretaro, Mexico and Mexico City
  • Country: Mexico
  • Year: 1999

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Alfonso Jimenez Enciso

Alfonso Jimenez was born in Mexico city in 1974. He studied architecture at the instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey, Queretaro Campus, graduating in 1998. As part of his studies, in 1998-1999 he took courses of Progettazzione Ambientale e Cultura Technologica del Peogetto, at the instituto Politecnico di Milano.

In 1999 he founded the Anonimous architecture studio, based in Queretaro, Mexico. He subsequently worked together with architects Jorge Plascenia and Marcos Velazquez to create Anonimous LED. For several years they worked together on projects of different types, including private homes, apartment buildings, office buildings and shopping centres, among others.

In 2012 Alfonso decided to take the growth of Anonimous forwars independently once more, opening a second office in Mexico city in 2014 under the direction of architect Barbara Trujillo. Another office is opening soon in Prague.

The talent Alfonso has displayed over more than 15 years of his professional career in architectural design has enabled him to design projects of different types and scales across Mexico.

Under this leadership a great number of projects have come to fruition, including Casa Y and Aira both located in Queretaro , and Paraje Barrank, a residential complex in Mexico city.In 2009 he was awarded Second place in the 17th Cemex Building Competition for Casa Y.

He has also prepared a number of joint designs, including with the US firm HOK for the competition for the Abu Dhabi Airport in the united Arab Emirates, winning second place.For three years He taught at the Design Workshop IV in the ITESM, Queretaro Campus.

Bárbara Trujillo Cuellar

Barbara Trujillo was born in Mexico city in 1987. She graduated from the Architecture Faculty of the Instituto Technologia de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Queretaro Campus in 2011.

She completed a Diploma in Project Management at the Universidad Panamericana in 2013-2014.

In 2007 she joined the Anonimous office in Queretaro as project leader. Her skills with architectural design, leadership abilities and passion for her work enabled her to position herself as Director General of the Mexico city office of anonimous when it was established in 2014.

As director general she has been characterized by her innate ability as a leader, her experience in design and in the coordination and supervision of projects of different types.

Barbara has been involved in countless projects, including Paraje Bank, a residential complex in Mexico city, the Silvia Galvan Condesa beauty salon and Oficinas Mixco in Queretaro.

She was previously project director at the renowned architecture studio Rojkind Arquitectos.

Practice Ideology

Architecture goes beyond the contemporary moment we live in.

Anonimous was founded as an act in which the attitude of a project is defined; taking the responsibility of reading and interpreting the different condition surrounding a project, such as, nature, context, humans, society, sustainability and economy.

We interrogate and research remarking the principles of liberty, relationship with nature, dialogue with the context, sensorial fullness and the natural coexistence of man and spaciousness. Architecture is created by the relationships that human beings are developing with the place and then with the constructed space. We believe that the act of building is what gives meaning to architecture.

We believe in the principle of duality between local identity and universal sense; respond to what the earth gives us generating identity through local principles and at the same time listen to us as universal beings.Considering that the goal of architecture has an enormous social responsibility.

We understand ourselves as beings that through the act of imagining and building we intend to serve.We consider that the attention is not in the object but in the experience.

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