APOLLO Architects & Associates Ltd

APOLLO Architects & Associates Ltd


  • Practice: APOLLO Architects & Associates Ltd
  • Website: apollo-aa.jp/
  • Firm Location: Tokyo, Okinawa
  • Country: China, Japan, Korea
  • Year: 2000

(“Text as submitted by architect”)

Satoshi Kurosaki
Architect / President of APOLLO Architects & Associates, Ltd

Kurosaki established APOLLO in 2000 that is the architecture studio from the professional career experience of the product development in the large residential company. APOLLO’s offices are in Tokyo, Okinawa, Korea and China, and the primary works are residential, villa, resort, clinic and commercial facility. Kurosaki is one of the most practicing architects who designed over 150 buildings for over 16 years in Japan. He also published a full-coloured 600 pages APOLLO’s Monograph (Germany) in 2016.

・First-class architect General Design Department of Architecture, The Japan Institute of Architects.
・Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation ARCHITECT.
・Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, Meiji University
2014~ Keio University Part-time lecturer

Practice Ideology

Architecture is required to have safety, functionality, and design, but that is not enough. Above all, we believe that the space created by architects must express the rich spirituality that clients and society demand. The space derived from the relationship with humans, nature, and all kinds of man-made objects gradually evolves with the times while being connected to society and the environment, and people also change in response. Coexistence with such fluctuating life forms is the essential role of architecture, and it is a major factor that determines the design such as the way of conducting wires in design, how to handle light, how to guide wind and method of selecting materials. Will be. Being aware of the extremes of boldness and delicacy, I would like to carefully face each and every architecture, aiming for a dignified architecture that will not be swept away at times while broadening my horizons as a human being and deepening my insights.

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