• Practice: Archidobe
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Ottapalam, Palakkad, Kerala
  • Country: India
  • Year: 2018

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Ar. Prajith.K.Pradeep

Being a firm believer of the quote “we are designed by what we design”. He always pushes the limits to go beyond the design narrative to bring forth the deep-rooted essence of any space. After graduation from Global institute of architecture, Palakkad, Kerala, knowing the importance of experimental practice in architecture and need for advocating alternative methodologies through practice. The firm is set on his vision to integrate materials, context, climate, people, shapes, forms and ideologies that give endless physical experiences to the spaces we design. He also conducts hands own workshops for college students on alternative construction techniques. He also focuses to perceive Architecture as a language of spaces, it is important to learn to understand each space and be able to narrate in the most expressive yet unique manner.

Ar. Gopika Krishnakumar

Gopika is a sustainable architect (M.Arch Sustainability) and IGBC accredited professional who is devoted in advocating green architecture and sustainable practices. She is also an assistant professor with a determined mindset to drive students on research-oriented design development. She firmly believes that the world is changing, and the need for research and development in finding new possibilities in architecture will grow and we have to be best suited for it.  And with her mission to research and find solutions for people’s problems through design she hopes to change the world better and at Team archidobe, she inspires to design spaces that cater the motions of the client.

Practice Ideology

Archidobe integrates vision, user comfort and nature into designs. Archidobe is the beginning of new insights into integrated design strategies by incorporating research methodology and study of upgradable workmanship. We ensure a balance between the social,  economic and environmental concerns that add timeless value to our projects. Our team constantly works on water, waste and energy management as that is the need of the hour. Driven by the commitment towards the vernacular standards and international acceptance we constantly push design boundaries beyond the limits.  Our projects showcase a unique solution accompanied by aesthetics that matters to the lives of the inhabitants. We know in the world we live in constantly evolving problems that are man-made and natural need progressive and more sustainable solutions that are adaptable to the larger audience in the longer run. At archidobe we wish to deliver design solutions that no only change the life of our clients but also accommodates their concerns about nature. Rather than being ego centric we aim to design with eco –centric approach. Our wide vision helped us to complete Residential, Commercial, interior solutions, Landscape solutions and public projects. With evolving concepts and living standards our vision is to educate the future generation by creating spaces that speak for itself beyond time. Archidobe thus influences architecture to become a place for celebrating people, places and perspectives.

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