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Cui Shu

As a designer of the post-80s, Cui Shu carries all the symbols of this era: Rebellious, individual, meticulous, and rigorous.

He closely connects himself to the most fashionable elements of the moment. “Be no slave to empirical design; Be no chaser of aesthetic trends; Be the leader. Never stop finding your own way!” This is Cui Shu’s belief. It represents the voice of young Asian designers globally.  

He has won many accolades, like the 2023 Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards (gold winner), the 2022 Jinteng Prize (gold winner of the year), and the 2021 The Golden Bond Award: Gold Winner, 2020 FX · Design Awards Public Space Schemes Finalist, 2020 Best of Year Small Museum/Art Gallery Project Honoree, 2020 APIDA Installation & Exhibition Space Award, 2020 SBID Awards Finalist, 2020 A+ Awards Showrooms category; 2020 TID Award of Art and Decoration; 2019 Winning the 12th Florence Biennale [Da Vinci 2019 Interior Design: Gold Award]. 

In 2018, he won the first prize in the Architecture Press Release (APR) International Sustainable Building Commercial Indoor Category and also won the 14th China Design Industry Top Ten Outstanding Young People-Guanghua Dragon Award.

In 2017–2019, he won the Taiwan TID Space Design Award. 2107 Italian A‘Design Award, 2017 the Global Architizer A + Design Award, the red dot, and the IF double German design award In 2016, he became the 40 Under 40 Outstanding Chinese Design Youth, won the 2016 American IIDA Global Excellence Design Award, and became the youngest Asian new face to win the Andrew Martin Award.

Also in 2016, as the youngest design sharing guest, the theme of “style” was shared by him in the Peking University Centennial Hall. He was invited to the Inchbald School of Design, London, UK, to give a keynote speech on “From Chinese Aesthetics to World Design,” as well as to the Milan Design Week in 2016 to share the theme of “Young, Design, and Chinese” in Italy. He was the 2016 Interior Design Chinese Version cover character, the Taiwan cross-strait design cover character, and the 2015 China Design Star National Champion.

Practice Ideology

CUN DESIGN proposes the concept of enterprise operation space. It is the first space design team in China that combines the concepts of artistic creativity, technology office, and green office to fulfil the efficiency of corporate offices. It is a pioneer in the field of office design, releasing the latest trends in office space thinking.

With the development of CUN DESIGN, its focus on space design has gradually extended to a wider field of design. In recent years, CUN DESIGN has focused on helping real estate companies solve practical problems from the roots of industrial layout so as to amplify the commercial value of real estate projects.

Therefore, CUN DESIGN has specially proposed the [solution design] method for real estate enterprises. In the early stages of design, it is necessary to understand the relevant policy orientation and clarify the purpose and task of the project by combining development needs with the operational characteristics of the project. By analysing the consumption trends of the end users, it conceives and establishes appropriate supply and demand relationships to create a core competitiveness that leads the development trend of the industry.

Implementation in design: On the one hand, the space planning should fit operational management, which is an effective way to improve operational efficiency and reduce the cost of operation and management. On the other hand, it measures the acceptance of target users and then creates the visual form of space accordingly. Through systematic thinking and judgement combined with multi-dimensional related design art categories, it can redefine the amazing space experience at a controllable construction cost, enlarge the core features of the project, and set a standard for the development of the industry.

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