Dan and Hila Israelevitz Architects

Dan and Hila Israelevitz Architects


  • Practice: Dan and Hila Israelevitz Architects
  • Website: www.israelevitz.com/en/
  • Firm Location: Victor Hugo
  • Country: Israel
  • Year: NA

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Practice Ideology

Designed and professional creativity that would translate your hidden aspirations into a home that combines an amazing final appearance with superb dwelling experience.
For more than fifteen years we’ve been mastering the planning and creation of luxurious houses and pampering living spaces. Our tight work processes are translated into meticulous and professional planning assuring quick and accurate work in the field, with minimal changes and coordinated continuity between architectural stages and internal design, all under one roof. In addition we are available to provide response and to accompany the whole sensitive process of planning and construction in real time.
Contact us today and we will make your dream come true.

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