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DHI Architecture | Design | Living


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Ar. Shruti M Vedavyas

Shruti has extensively worked in typologies spanning residential, hospitality, commercial and institutional. Her methodology surpasses conventional norms, employing experimentation to animate each structure. Her guiding principle asserts that a building should transcend mere existence, evolving into a living entity intrinsically linked to its occupants.

With an exacting focus on precision, Shruti strives to craft spaces that resonate with vitality, reflecting the essence of those who inhabit them. Informed by intuition and a nuanced comprehension of the landscape, her designs establish equilibrium between the structure and its user, forging environments that transcend mere practicality.

In her architectural practice, generic constructs are eschewed in favor of bespoke masterpieces—a unique hallmark designed exclusively for the client.

Practice Ideology

“Dhi” is a Sanskrit word translating to a multitude of interpretations – “understanding”, ‘intelligence’, ‘opinion’ and ‘notion’. It is an embodiment of perceptions and visceral intangibles. “Dhi” is the fulcrum of our practice – we believe that built spaces are physical extensions of our own consciousness that can be molded with honest diligence, empathy and a sincere understanding of the user. In our design approach, every line is a search, an exploration, and experimentation that spans across realms in turn producing a spatial experience that is unique and intuitive.

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