Dishna Thilanka Architects

Dishna Thilanka Architects


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Dishna Thilanka

Dishna started his architectural journey at the Department of Architecture at the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, and became an associate member of the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects. 

Well, before then, Dishna had been an artist and a musician. His great passion for art and music has been an immense influence in enriching the soulfulness of his architecture. 

Before starting his own practice, Dishna has been working in high-end multi-storey residential, commercial, and hospitality developments in Sri Lanka.

Practice Ideology

Based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Dishna Thilanka Architects will embrace the client’s chosen environment and uncover the potential within it to create their dream. It is not merely to design a natural or built environment; they love to take the client through the journey of creating the spaces they had in mind.

Dishna Thilanka Architects was formed with a very fine-tuned vision where they believe that it is not solely creating a product or a building. A number of aspects get together and group in many different layers in a very lengthy and deep process for a piece of architecture to fulfil its purpose.

May it be a high-rise development or a small roadside shelter; it requires that soul to serve its purpose and to enhance the atmospheric feel to connect users and the environment. They strive to find the identity and the soul of each space and each product they create that’s hidden in colours, materials and built form to uncover the optimum user experience.

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