Lalith Gunadasa Architects

Lalith Gunadasa Architects


Lalith Gunadasa ArchitectsAr. Lalith Gunadasa

Our architectural practice is indeed responsible in achieving sustainability in designs maintaining the vital balance and harmony, which is necessary for the co-existence of man and nature. The award winning practice is worked and working on varied range of projects with thinking, out of the box under such circumstances for design process is a much diverse vocabulary to manipulate the ideas beyond the most practical and accepted framework.

Sri Lankan Architect Lalith Gunadasa has a background in Art and Architecture. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Built Environment and completion of Master of Science in Architecture degree in Moratuwa University, trained as a student and as an Architect under Sri Lankan Modernist Architect Vinod Jayasinghe, who had worked with Geoffrey Bawa in his young age. On receiving his charter 2011, Lalith established independent practice in 2012. The Studio is now located in Hokandara, Sri Lanka.

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