Drawbox Design Studio Architects

Drawbox Design Studio Architects


  • Practice: Drawbox Design Studio Architects
  • Website: www.drawboxstudio.co.za/
  • Firm Location: Pretoria
  • Country: South Africa
  • Year: 2012

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Carlu Swart

Carlu Swart, after gaining valuable commercial experience at Boogertman + Partners Pretoria for five years, founded Drawbox Design Studio in 2012. Have been in practice for 15 years.







Mikela van Dyk

Mikela’s conviction that design encompasses all areas of our lives is what drives her to continuously pursue innovation in multiple dimensions. Have been in practice for 8 years.







Practice Ideology

We believe a relevant architectural solution is generated through a process of creative interactions within a specific context. We sculpt space around a context that embodies the specific requirements of our client, the immediate surroundings, and larger environmental, social, and economic factors. Every project contains a unique context and therefore requires a unique architectural solution.

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