Entre Quatre Murs

Entre Quatre Murs


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Practice Ideology

Entre Quatre Murs is not just a design and interior architecture firm. It is a collective of young, passionate designers who go above and beyond to create unique, timeless, warm, and highly personalized living spaces. Their primary goal is to enhance the comfort of their clients’ lives, to evoke deep emotions, and to translate their clients’ identities into spaces that truly reflect them.

Their approach is based on three fundamental pillars: functionality, materiality, and light. Using a human-centered and collaborative approach, combined with meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering quest for the best resources available on the market, the EQM team consistently creates spaces imbued with a sense of well-being and authenticity.

The designers view life as a series of experiences, a collection of moments and memories, with design shaping the backdrop against which most of these experiences take place. They believe that hiring an interior designer goes far beyond simply creating an aesthetic space; it is about creating a place that reflects their clients’ personalities and fosters their growth.

Recognized time and time again for their excellence, the tight-knit team at Entre Quatre Murs is composed of a mosaic of talents dedicated to excellence and to redefining what people call “home” on a daily basis.

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