Estudio Saracura

Estudio Saracura


  • Practice: Estudio Saracura
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Sao Paulo
  • Country: Brazil
  • Year: 2017

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Alessandra Müller

Alessandra Müller, the founder of Estúdio Saracura, has broad and deep experience based on a clear path toward aesthetics and innovation: From essays such as a shelter in the Atacama Desert, a revitalization of a 12th-century chapel set in the heart of a Spanish volcano alongside masters such as RCR Arquitectes, to the construction of a modular house that moves according to the position of the sun, a sports training centre for underprivileged athletes, a residence set in the Brazilian Atlantic forest, a hotel built into a 90 meters high rock crater, to a 19m2 portable house.

She graduated from the University of Fine Arts of SP, a Master’s in wood architecture from the Aalto University of Finland, graduated from the Fab Academy-MIT of Barcelona.

Practice Ideology

For us, Architecture is a dream come true, the composition of fullness and emptiness that retrieves emotions and feelings. The translation of the soul’s desires joins us along the journey.

In this sense, we function as an “haute couture” studio in unique and inspired projects. We are working in partnership with a variety of professionals according to the needs and aspirations of each client.

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