FORM.3 Architects

FORM.3 Architects


  • Practice: FORM.3 Architects
  • Firm Location: Dhaka
  • Country: Bangladesh
  • Year: 2010

(“Text as submitted by architect)

Md. Didarul Islam Bhuiyan (Principal architect and managing partner)

Ar. Md. Didarul Islam Bhuiyan is a promising young architect of today’s Bangladesh and founder of FORM.3 architects, a well-known and reputed architectural consultancy firm of Bangladesh. From the very beginning of his architectural journey, he possessed a vision to create something new that would make a difference in the field of architecture. His design skills and ideas were always appreciated by his studio guides. Didarul was the President of ArcSA (Architecture Department Students Association, BUET) in session 2006-2007. With his vision to change the scenario of Architecture as a practice and profession, he started his journey as FORM.3 architects, with Ar. Dilruba Ferdous Shuvra and A.K.M. Muajjam Hossain Russel as an architectural consultancy firm in 2010. He is a good team leader, efficient in construction management and in project management. Under his guidance, FORM.3 architects won several architectural design competitions organized by Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB) and other organizations.

A.K.M Muajjam Hossain (Partner architect)

A.K.M Muajjam Hossain is a promising young architect and one of the founders of FORM.3 Architects. As a co-founder, he is always very supportive and punctual towards design and decision-making. He has the vision to hold the desire to build something unique in such a manner that creates a positive mark in the realm of architecture in Bangladesh. His design philosophy always inspires the studio and his proficiency in construction techniques led to establish design guidelines for the team. He always tries to create a sense of belongingness to the local environment and culture.



Practice Ideology

The role of the architects becomes vital in defining the future of the built environment, when urban populations rise dramatically and the quality of life declines. Architecture is desired to respond to the need to find the spirit of the 21st century, where the uncertainty reigns, all over the world. In Bangladesh, the desire for the answers to the uncertainty is more pressing. During this indecisive time FORM.3 architects, from the moment they set foot in the realm of Architecture, decided to work for the sake of salvation.

Their vision is to contemplate the regional, the environmental and the socio-cultural issues. FORM.3 architects work relentlessly to establish a foundation in the society where there is scope and opportunities for the young architects. They envisaged a way of building that glorifies the past and erects upon the future, through the understanding of the context and global meaning. They also crave for a change of the attitude towards Architecture in society, i.e. the perception of the common people and the attitude of the professionals from other disciplines related to Architecture.

FORM.3 architects offers integrated design for the built environment, encompassing master-planning, architectural, landscape, interior and lighting and furniture design. We have been successful in several National and International Design Competitions. They have been featured in national and international professional publications. They have been involved in projects all around the country. a wide range of experience in different construction projects. Past and current projects include urban, commercial, residential, hospitality, transport, infrastructure, exhibition, institutional, religious, mixed-use, industrial and interior projects.

FORM.3 architects is sensitive to the built form itself and to the built environment and the context as well. Despite being young architects, through their heartiest try and effort this team is gradually setting a signature mark in today’s architecture in Bangladesh. More importantly, this signature does not at all refer to the built-form only but also in the holistic approach towards architectural solution. Here, we speak of architectural solution in terms of green issues, socio-cultural aspects and of course, contemporaries that not only is of today but also will hold the future.

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