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Aman Sohal Aman Sohal

A graduate of Chandigarh College of Architecture in the year 2009. Worked as an architectural assistant to Architect Balkrishna Doshi and Artist Jatin Das in Ahmedabad for his project JDCA (Jatin Das Centre for Arts, Bhubaneswar) for a year (2010-2011).Post that he continued to work at CnT Architects, Bangalore where he was largely involved in housing and institutional projects including IIM –Trichy 2010 – 2014. After that, he came back to Chandigarh and worked with Architect Namita Singh and then started his own practice with the name ForumAdvaita in 2016 in Mohali. Currently working on various residential, institutional, commercial and healthcare projects.


Practice Ideology

Inspiration and Beliefs

Having worked with Ar. Balkrishna Doshi, Aman developed a very strong method of looking at architecture. For him, architecture is another medium of storytelling. 

Storytelling is recognizing life in elements around you and then consciously establishing relationships amongst them and creating a sequence of events, showing how the relationship keeps on transforming. Relationship leads to Emotions and the intensity of the emotions define the intensity of Memory And Fantasy. Architecture is a narrative of these multiple stories weaved together and communicated. Now these stories must evoke a collective unconscious, there could be subjectivity but there are strong objectivities at the same time.

Objective of Architecture Practice

The idea is to disengage the listener/experiencer from the real world and engage in a new world, in such a heightening manner that once the story is finished, it transforms the human being into an evolved being and you begin to see things fresh like a small child, as a result, one is constantly evolving as a human being.

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