• Practice: Hintengro
  • Website: hintegro.com/
  • Firm Location: Hong Kong
  • Country: China
  • Year: 2009

(“Text as submitted by architect”)

Keith Chan 

Keith Chan graduated with honours from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s School of Design in 2004. Two years later he qualified as a member of The Hong Kong Designers Association and joined a top Hong Kong interior-architecture company, where he worked until 2009. Keith’s multi-disciplinary training is behind a design philosophy that allows him to meet clients’ lifestyle and business needs by providing innovative solutions to interior spaces. Apart from working as a designer, he leads related workshops in secondary schools and has been a guest lecturer at his alma mater, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s School of Design.

Practice Ideology

“HIN” is Keith’s Chinese name while “INTE” means interior, and “INTEGRAL” comes from calculus in mathematics, i.e. integration. To Keith, design is a thinking and problem-solving process. That is, we break down the complicated problems into smaller ones. Then we think, we draw and we produce prototypes to tackle the problems. We test the prototypes by trial and error.  Finally we synthesize them into a holistic design. And this is just like doing integration in Mathematics.

After graduating from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s School of Design in 2004, Keith has spent 16 years working in the interior design industry. In 2009, at the age of 27, he decided to start his own business Hintegro: specializing in residential and furniture design. Apart from working as a designer, Keith leads design workshops in secondary schools for students and currently teaching as a visiting lecturer at School of Design, HK Polytechnic University.

In recent years, our design works at Hintegro are not limited to residential project, but also to commercial space such as a sustainable café, fashion boutique and furniture products. Moreover, to social-need design since we made an autism-children center; and in Keith’s role as a design adviser for SCHSA (Senior Citizen Home Safety Association). Our work has been featured in a variety of media including; South China Morning Post, Elle, Today’s Living Magazine, Next Magazine, Modern Home Magazine, The Goodlife, Home Journal, Ming Pao, HK Economic Journal and Menclub, etc. In 2015, Keith was selected to be the “40 under 40” by Perspective Magazine. Since 2018, Hintegro have been involved in residential and commercial projects in Los Angeles, USA, as well as Osaka, Japan. We are achieving SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) suggested by the United Nations, which we intend to keep as our main focus and direction in future development.

In 2019 and 2020, Keith was invited by the HKTDC to speak in design seminar in Tokyo and Osaka respectively, to introduce Hong Kong interior design industry to Japanese designers, architects and builders. The creation of Hintegro has allowed him a platform to gather a wealth of knowledge, impart positive influence and meet likeminded individuals. Contentment to him is not just about creating a physical space for his client, but it is about nurturing our team, 80% of whom are Keith’s students, to find our skills and our spiritual space.

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