Ideorealm Design

Ideorealm Design


  • Practice: Ideorealm Design
  • Country: China
  • Year: 2015

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Maowu He









Zhaopei Chen









Practice Ideology

Creative Realm & Beauty Design was established in 2015 by young interior architects Chen Zhaopei and He Maowu. It adheres to the design philosophy of “inheritance, integration, symbiosis, and innovation”, advocating that “good design allows for different lifestyles to occur”. Continuously creating possibilities for space, seeking a balance point, communicating with users, and achieving harmony.

It is committed to exploring the inner and outer aspects of things, re-examining their essence, and endowing places with new spirit and meaning. With its unique cognitive thinking and definition of current formats and lifestyles, it provides forward-looking solutions in the fields of new retail business, private residences, offices, and other spaces for visionary property owners.

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