Keystone Architects

Keystone Architects


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Ar. Harshavardhan Punja

Harshavardhan Punja graduated in architecture from RVCE- Bangalore in 2000. Over 20 years of experience in various projects, ranging from corporate architecture, residential layout development, residential villas, farmhouses, commercial complexes, institutional buildings, and industrial buildings to various architectural and interior projects. Harsha believes in a simple design philosophy – designs that work, both stylistically and functionally, and in architecture, that enhance the users living and working experience.


Practice Ideology

‘Keystone Architects’ began as a passing thought in 2002 and finally materialized in September of 2003, a modest setup, with mostly friends and acquaintances as clients. With their work to speak for their ability, more projects soon began to come their way, and the office soon grew into a team comprising associates and architects. Located in Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore, the office is a re-modeled terrace space with a feeling that inspires a work atmosphere and culture of its own. 

Their current projects include residential, commercial, hospitality, apartment buildings, and interiors, with varying clientele. Keystone is of a simple design philosophy -designs that work, both stylistically and functionally, and an architecture that enhances their living and working. With people as their focus, solutions are always client-centered. Keystone’s design process involves consultancy at every stage, with clients and engineers involved in an effort to give clients something beyond their expectations.

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