LiDha – Living in Dharti

LiDha – Living in Dharti


  • Practice: LiDha - Living in Dharti
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  • Firm Location: Kondapur, Hyderabad
  • Country: India
  • Year: 2018

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Ar. Gayatri Maithani

Principal Architect at LiDha Consultants, with an Experience of 7 years having a demonstrated history of working in Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Architecture.

After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the Dehradun Institute of Technology University, Dehradun, she began working in Earth Architecture with the Dharmalaya Institute of Sustainable Living, Himachal. Followed by field experience of being at and managing the site works in Wallmakers, Kerala, under Ar. Vinu Daniel after which she has been practising architecture at LiDha.






Ar. Yashwanth Chandra

With a multicultural learning experience in the fields of Architecture, Landscape and Urban design through workmanship from different parts of India and Australia, received the People’s Choice Award for Green Roof Design in a competition held by the City Council of Greater Geelong, Australia.

After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from J.N.A.F.A.U., Hyderabad, followed by hands-on experience in Earth construction and Organic farming from the Dharmalaya Institute of Sustainable Living, Himachal, and a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from DEAKIN University – Australia, started as Principal Landscape Architect at LiDha Consultants in the year 2020.


Practice Ideology

LiDha is an architectural, landscape, and interior design consultancy firm rooted in vernacular, earth, eco-friendly and sustainable practices.

LiDha has been involved with and evolved during the time of our practice into the world of sustainable living through mud and waste based techniques, truth to material & self-sustaining landscape principles and works. As a practice, we are taking steps towards sustainability in our lives. LiDha is constantly finding ways to spread awareness about using waste materials through workshops in colleges,  IIID-Hyderabad, and the ZoNASA platform to create eco-friendly and sustainable living spaces.

Being young minds, we are always hungry to create spaces and ambience. Looking towards the future, bearing in mind the present and the lessons of the past. Our team and people have given us the opportunity to envision an international and multicultural understanding of spaces that speak, breathe, and live. At LiDha, we work towards solving the equation between habitat for humans and nature, gifted to us by Earth (धरती). We do this out of gratitude to mother Earth. As we all are: “Living in Dharti”

LiDha Philosophy

Every being grows and evolves with time, just as does a built environment. This space acts and reacts differently every time of day and in every season of the year. Like how people age, the landscape grows, the walls evolve, functionality changes, and the site context alters. The more you interact with it, the better you can use, utilize, and enjoy it. When you give love and attention to the place where you live, it loves you back.

As humans, we always have a need to modify the ecology to suit and sustain our lifestyle, but we can still reduce the impact. We surely want our next generation to see a better world than we did.

Nature has always shown us that coexistence is the most beautiful and powerful thing that there is. Architecture and landscape are meant to go hand in hand at all times. Live and let live is the way to move forward and grow in the future.

We at LiDha have a firm belief that the future is always based on sustainability, and that’s where we know “alternative practice” has to truly become a celebrated & regularised practice.

We, as architects and landscape designers, have always worked towards the creation of befitting and beneficial spaces. We believe that for a design to be successful, it should be a collaborative effort between the designer and the client. We work hard to be transparent with our processes, and therefore we prepare a detailed Design Fee Estimate Proposal for client review.

We design and use techniques that are outstanding in their own right but are less appreciated. We believe that just as each human is unique because of different situations, each site faces a different situation than the other and wants to be developed in a unique way. It deserves to be treated differently and with a lot of care and empathy. Our ideology has always been the creation of such spaces that are energy efficient, eco-friendly, and cost effective as long-term goals.

Multifunctional, versatile, and diverse designs are the future of adding value to spaces, and so is our lucid nature of understanding requirements and coming up with vivid solutions to cater for them. We thrive on effectively bringing forth dreams through a visionary idea that is beyond time and space. The space we create breathes, as does our design, which caters to people of all times. Our building saves energy and minimises its carbon footprint on Earth. We use natural, vernacular, and upcycled materials to enhance the beauty of the space by being truthful to the materials.

At LiDha, we have seen this first-hand and are now glad to share with the world how nature gives greater meaning to the place we live in. As a practice, we emphasise our work and life in visualising a better tomorrow for all that are involved or could be.

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