Matteo Ferrari Studio

Matteo Ferrari Studio


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Matteo Ferrari

Born in Modena, Italy, he studied architecture at the University of Ferrara. After an exchange year at the Catholic University of Córdoba, Argentina, he finished his studies in 2008.

He landed in Madrid that same year to begin his professional career and, after passing through several architecture studios, in 2011, he moved to Teresa Sapey’s studio as Director, participating in such outstanding projects as the Hotel Roommate Pau in Barcelona, ​​the refurbishment of two luxury floors at Albert Court in London or the Paris Photo Vip Lounge at the Grand Palais in Paris.

In 2016 he founded his studio, Matteo Ferrari, to channel his concerns in the field of design, seeking to redefine the links between the creative process, aesthetics and functionality.

Practice Ideology

The user and environment represent the starting point of a holistic process that, through simple gestures, aims to provide the space with a unique, recognizable and timeless value. The acquired know-how is put at the service of light and materials to develop inspiring spaces with a solid emotional and aesthetic value, which provoke a cognitive experience in the viewer.

The result is off-road projects in the field of Design, Housing, Hospitality and Retail, adapting the client’s different scales and needs to total control of the creative process, which culminates in the careful attention to detail and construction development.​

In 2016 he began a close collaboration with the Ciszak Dalmas studio, strengthening the relationship between experimentation and multidisciplinarity in design.

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