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Neuhausl Hunal


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David Neuhäusl

David is actively involved in architecture from many perspectives: from design to teaching and research to writing. In addition to architecture, he has a degree in international business and municipal engineering. As part of his PhD studies at the Czech Technical University in Prague, he researched public housing development. In the broadest sense, he is interested in the relationship and search for balance between the private and the public, because the coordination of interests is crucial not only for the meaningful, democratic and sustainable development of a territory, but above all for the whole society.

He is a co-author of the Czech representation at the 18th Venice Architecture Biennale 2023. He initiated the creation of the student idea competition Superstudio in the Czech republic. In 2022 he led a studio with Jan Hora at the FA BUT in Brno. From 2016 to 2018 he worked as an assistant professor at the ARCHIP in Prague. He was a member of the international jury of the ARCH 2022 Award and regularly participates in critiques, lectures and discussions.

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Practice Ideology

The meaning and potential of architecture go far beyond visuality. Our mission is to fulfil 100% of this potential. We intentionally do not limit ourselves to typology, scale or budget. Regardless of whether it is a design of interior, building or urban structure, we work with immaterial relationships and meanings to create poetic spaces, pleasant places and innovative functional solutions.

Architecture is a complex, sophisticated structure and also a process of creating our environment, which represents values of our society. Therefore we strive for rationality, truth, naturalness and moderate beauty in our projects. We respect the specific circumstances of any project, we thoroughly analyse every situation and its solutions and we go through countless dead ends to achieve the ideal result. Meaningfulness of the project and good communication are crucial conditions for successful cooperation.

We engage in architectural competitions intensively. Besides designing we write, teach and research. We have established the best architectural competition for students in the Czech and Slovak Republic. Whatever we do, we pride ourselves on quality, honesty and independence.

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