NO Architects Designers and Social Artists

NO Architects Designers and Social Artists


  • Practice: NO Architects Designers and Social Artists
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Kollam
  • Country: India
  • Year: 2013

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Harikrishnan Sasidharan

Harikrishnan is an Urban designer, and architect, who graduated from Delft University of Technology Netherlands (T.U.Delft) with a Master’s in Computational Urbanism.

Neenu Elizabeth

Neenu is a Landscape Architect who graduated from School of Planning and Architecture(S.A.P), Anna University, with a Master’s in Landscape Architecture.

Practice Ideology

No is a medium for social change
No stands as an emphatic denial of stylistic pursuits and a commitment toward understanding and analyzing the driving factors of society, its culture and life. This information drives our professional endeavours, and we use this platform to project our visions for the future.

We are a group of architects, designers and social artists applying an iterative, process-oriented design to address the challenges in architecture. It involves intense research into the characters, characteristics, conditions, programmatic requirements, interdependencies, and relations to define the design challenge. The parameters of social context, economy and sustainability act as drivers in this process.

No embodies the void: the emptiness, which expresses the essence of a design by its absence; emptiness exists. The houses incorporate daylighting, ventilation and passive cooling for comfortable living in the tropics.

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