Noname Studio

Noname Studio


Noname Studio was born in Milano years ago, inside the architecture studio where we met and worked until 2013. Since then our practice has grown and developed over time, through private assignments, competitions and collaborations with colleagues. Our work focuses mainly on research and interpretation of the different forms of contemporary living, addressed both on architectural scale, interior design and furnishing details. For us being architects means returning the aspirations and memories of our clients in expressiveness and aesthetics, reconciling their desires with our visions and our design methodThe need to dialogue with different cultures is what makes our daily practice more complex and stimulating. We are constantly searching for a balance between the legacy of the past, the multicultural contaminations, the challenges addressed by the contemporaneity and the continuous refinement of our expressive identity.

Each of the projects we face is based on the idea that knowledge is a route that draws on the past to transform the future. Currently our research focuses on finding new interpretations of those spaces that respond to the new needs of contemporary living, overcoming the limit, be it perimeter, cultural, psychological, sentimental or corporeal. Our practice is also accompanied by didactic activities, considered as moments of reflection and comparison: these occasions have allowed us to collaborate with universities in Italy and abroad. If seen as a whole, our design method can be read as a continuous process of critical analysis open to dialogue, which leads us most of the time to unexpected results.

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