Oslotre AS

Oslotre AS


  • Practice: Oslotre AS
  • Website: www.oslotre.no
  • Firm Location: Oslo
  • Country: Norway
  • Year: 2010

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Jørgen Tycho

Jørgen is a partner and a specialist in wood architecture with a specialty in solid wood, CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber), and glued-laminated timber constructions. He has a particular focus on the properties of these materials, aiming for healthy, robust, and cost-effective structures. Jørgen has extensive experience in research and project implementation.


Katrin Wilde-Sampaio

Katrin is a partner with extensive experience in building physics and energy reduction. Combined with her unique expertise in both architectural work and solid wood project design, she has a reflexive ability to create excellent and cost-effective buildings.




Practice Ideology

Oslotre is a consulting agency within the areas of architecture, timber design, and construction technology, specialising in timber construction. Their focus is on healthy and durable architecture in timber with the use of bioclimatic principles and natural ventilation. 

With several years of experience within the fields of architecture, timber engineering, CLT production, and assembly, they’re able to offer complete start-to-finish delivery of architect-designed buildings as well as custom, modular, and prefabricated architectural solutions in timber.

Architecture: Their architectural approach reflects a playful simplicity that optimises timber’s capacity for creating high-quality, solid, and economically viable buildings. They focus on creating environments that provide natural light, fresh air, and an overall feeling of space and nature.

Timber Design: Their expertise within the field of timber design comes in part from previously having run a CLT production factory, as well as from 10 years of specialising in 3D modelling (BIM), static calculations, complex detailing, production drawings for CNC machining, assembly plans, sales, and logistics of timber deliveries. 

This adds up to the perfect link between architectural drawings and machine drawings (both CAD and CAM) and the ability to solve complex geometries while optimising material use through modular solutions and prefabrication.Assembly: Since 2010, they have specialised in the assembly of solid wood (CLT) and glulam structures. Our assembly team works with both large and small construction projects, ranging from family houses and cottages to multi-story residential buildings, office buildings, schools, and kindergartens.

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