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OUTIN. DESIGN is a multi-disciplinary practice that works in fields of architecture, public interaction, exhibitions and installations, visual identity and brand planning, residence and lifestyle products. The four teams of the practice are independent and also work in a collaborative manner.

R.E.C is the team responsible for the design of architecture, public interaction, exhibitions and installations. Its name is derived from the thinking on “Time recycle”, which indicates the eternal time cycle of 24 hours, 1,440 minutes or 86,400 seconds. From perceiving the essence of things to working out design solutions, this process is a cycle that integrates with time. We hope the traces of design can coexist with time in an endless cycle. Moreover, we expect the design can enable people to feel breath, textures, warmth, light and shade, and attract them to explore and stay.


Working in sectors of residence and lifestyle products, WMT team strives to “inspire turning points of life”. This is embodied by its research process that design directors Wang Chen and Da Dong continuously engage in — discovering new inspirations and forms, and inspiring new lifestyles.

Environment defined by different functions are complemented by spaces of distinct attributes, whether being basic or rigorous, being eclectic or decorative. From living room to bedroom, dining room to outdoors, all designs express a flexible, practical way for relaxation and personalized ideas, hence eventually forming warm living spaces. Over the years, this has shaped WMT team’s basic values — “Comfortable life comes from WMT”.

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